Wine and Cheese- pairing them up for a party Vince Pirolli

Most all of us Americans, really love our cheese. Seven years ago our consumption was about twenty seven pounds per person, a year. It is now up to about thirty pounds per year.

California is the second largest cheese producer in the Unite States, following Wisconsin. Oh sure, we produce... Read More


Enjoy food and wine together Vince Pirolli

It seems for centuries now; food and wine have been a great contribution at the dinner table. Meals featuring wine have come to symbolize good times. Here are a few reasons why people enjoy wine and food together.

During these centuries, few beverage options were available, so wine became... Read More


Saving those left over wines. Vince Pirolli

Although this is not a usual problem at my house, I am sure that some of you, sometime just might have to deal wine leftovers.

There are some products on the market that have been made to keep leftover wine fresh. The Vacu Vin system lets you pump the air out of the bottle, other products... Read More